The Yorkshire Ballet Scholarship Centre gives a unique opportunity to gifted children in the field of classical ballet and allied dance.

The Centre provides ballet classes which complement the training given by their own dance teacher. It enables its scholars to dance with other talented children and to be taught by highly qualified dance teachers who have had experience of being professional dancers themselves as well as being successful and dedicated teachers of dance. The Centre also helps committed children and young people to prepare for auditions for entrance to vocational dance schools and full time dance institutions.
Scholars are offered an opportunity to:
  • Further their technical skill
  • Develop their musicality
  • Develop their artistic interpretation
  • Develop communication skills and a good working relationship between
    the LBS Centre and their private dance teacher
  • Develop commitment, dedication and the ability to work hard -
    essential for a career in dance
  • Dance with other talented children
  • Work in a committed, professional environment
Teaching Faculty Includes: Gill Caplan ( Classical Ballet), Peter Parker (Classical ballet),

Antonio Borriello ( Contemporary) and Shannon Parker (Repertoire).

Previous Scholars Include :

Ruth Bailey

Andrew Barker

David Bintley

Lewis Danby

Susan Davies

Mike Denman

Carol Gable

Laurie Gilchrist

Louise Harvey

Charlotte Ingle

Mark Longthorne

Elaine MacDonald

Kevin O’Hare

Michael O’Hare

Natasha Oughtred

Demelza Parish

Xander Parish

Michael Pink

Susan Pond

Margueritte Porter

Pippa Raine

Samantha Raine

Patricia Ruanne

David Watkins

Neil Westmoreland

Anthony Wright
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Louise Browne Yorkshire Ballet Scholarship Centre