About Us

York Dance Scholars is a registered charity providing master classes in Classical Ballet, Contemporary Dance and Modern Jazz with highly acclaimed teachers from around the world with a wealth of experience in the dance profession.

The classes are on Saturdays in the Theatre and Studio at Joseph Rowntree School in York.

Scholars receive expert training in three genres on a weekly basis within term times enabling them to dance with other talented and dedicated students with a passion for dance.

The Centre is renowned for preparing students for auditions for entrance to vocational dance schools and full time dance institutions.

The master classes are intended to complement the training given by their own dance teacher and are intended to :

  • Further their technical skills
  • Develop their musicality
  • Develop their artistic interpretation
  • Develop communication skills and a good working relationship between the YDS faculty and their private dance teacher
  • Develop response and commitment essential for a career in dance in a professional environment

The following highly acclaimed teachers are included in the faculty:

  • Eric Assandri
  • Stewart Avon Arnold
  • Antonio Borriello
  • Vincent Cabot
  • Claire Corruble-Cabot
  • Stuart Hayes
  • Simon Horrill
  • Nathalie Leger
  • Graeme Pickering
  • Elizabeth Rae
  • Kirsty Sparks
  • Cheryl Thrush
  • Craig Turbyfield

The programme consists of 3 x ten week terms.

Any questions or queries please contact us.

Previous Scholars Include :

  • Ruth Bailey
  • Andrew Barker
  • David Bintley
  • Lewis Danby
  • Susan Davies
  • Mike Denman
  • Rachel English
  • Carol Gable
  • Laurie Gilchrist
  • Elizabeth McRae
  • Louise Harvey
  • Charlotte Ingle
  • Mark Longthorne
  • Elaine MacDonald
  • Kevin O’Hare
  • Michael O’Hare
  • Andrew McNichol
  • Natasha Oughtred
  • Demelza Parish
  • Xander Parish
  • Michael Pink
  • Susan Pond
  • Margueritte Porter
  • Pippa Raine
  • Samantha Raine
  • Patricia Ruanne
  • David Watkins
  • Neil Westmoreland
  • Anthony Wright