Mission Statement

Constitutional Mission Statement (Reg. Charity No. 1077924)

1. The Yorkshire Scholarship Scheme is committed to discover and promote talent in the field of classical ballet and allied dance from every part of the community in a non-discriminatory equal atmosphere.

2. To provide early professional training and development for children who show potential in this field.

3. To guide students’ progress each year to reach the necessary high standard that they will require, until they are ready to take up full time training before entering a dance company.

4. To select children at audition and subsequent annual revue, to attend coaching and training classes on a weekly basis given by professional teachers of the highest level from the dance profession.

5. To encourage boys and girls without bias or prejudice of any kind, who show true dedication, ability and physical aptitude for the demanding requirements of their chosen career.

6. To offer the advantage of attending classes with other gifted children, while continuing their basic training and examinations, remaining in their home environment and receiving general education up to GCSE level; at the same time, to assist parents with advice and support.

7. To professionally advise and tutor in all aspects of technique, musicality, artistry, dance quality and injury prevention throughout the tenure of the scholarship.

8. Application to audition will be made with the signed consent of the parent/guardian and regular dance teachers, who must all be willing to abide by the scholarship aims and conditions.